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Mustafedeen Mustafedaat Imtihaan

Mumineen / Mumenaat who want to participate in Mustafedeen/Mustafedaat should register and submit details before 28th Feb, 2nd J.Aakhir. Names for approval will be sent by Janaab Aamil Saheb to Sigatul Jamea. Pls note that Amma Sanad is compulsory for those wishing to enroll for Imtehaan.

Fajr Namaz time (Imamat) - 6.30am

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  • Marol Cycling Club

    Cycling is a great exercise and a fun activity to begin the day on a healthy note. To promote and encourage all Mumineen both young and old to Cycle regularly on a daily basis as a form of an exercise or even as an Eco Friendly way to commute to work everyday or once a week towards a Cleaner and Greener Environment the Marol Cycliing club. Mumineen can simply have a look or even book/buy the cycles at discounted rates and can also avail of the Qardan Hasanah which is being specially granted by the Anjuman-E-Ezzi Jamaat Marol on priority basis and without any hassels so that Mumineen [...]
  • Kunuz 1438H Online Quiz for Mumenaat

    Kunuz 1438H Online Quiz for Mumenaat is live on and Almuntasebaat Android and Iphone App. All Mumenaat can participate in Kunuz 1438H Online Quiz
  • Qardan Hasanah (Jumoa)

    Aaje Jumoa na din sagla faakhir Qardan Hasana araz kari sawaabe azeem hasil kare.
  • Inter Jamaat Quiz League

    After online kunuz Inter jamaat quiz league thase inshallah Ehma cricket ni theme par online iqtebasat ane thought of the day par matches thase Ehma je sagla youngsters ye online quiz apu che ehnej cricket team ma shamil karwama awse
  • KPL Online Quiz – Last Date Monday 20th Feb

    On Youngsters demand, KPL Online Quiz has been extended till tomorrow Monday 20th February 2017 All Youngsters (age 30 and below) can attempt KPL Online Quiz and take barakat of it