Musabaqat al-Quran al-Majeed

Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah, Marol is delighted to invite Mumineen and Muminaat for our annual ‘Musabaqat al-Quran al-Majeed’ of Aljamea students.
The musabaqat of talabat will take place from 8am-10am on Friday 9th February and that of taalebaat will take place on Saturday 10th February at the same times (ladies only).
Both musabaqat will be held in the gent’s masjid area.
We look forward to your presence in partaking the barakaat and ibadat of hifz, tilawat and istima (listening) of Al-Quran in the cooling shade of the nazar and khushi of our Maula Mufaddal Aqa may Allah preserve him in health and long life for as long as the Quran is read in harmonious tones